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10 August AC Tips So You Have a Cool End of the Summer

Air Conditioning Summer Tips | 5 Star Air

The summer heat will make everyone in the house uncomfortable and wear out your air conditioning system at home. If you want a rather cool summer, you can battle the heat by preparing your AC unit before the heat arrives. Here are some tips for your August air conditioning maintenance:

  1. Change the air filters – To ensure that there are no allergens in the air during summer, replace the air filters before the summer months. Some manufacturers also advise replacing the air filters regularly. Although it’s best to do this filter change before the summer months, it is also recommended to follow manufacturer instructions to avoid damage to the unit.
  2. Empty and clean the dehumidifier – The increase in humidity during the summer months can make the air feel stuffier than usual. The dehumidifier helps remove the moisture in your home and make it cleaner. To ensure no health risks are involved due to stuffy air, it is recommended to empty the dehumidifier every week to avoid stuffy air during the summer.
  3. Clean the outdoor condenser unit – The big metal box located outside is your AC system’s condenser. It is responsible for bringing warm air to the AC system to commence the cooling process. Because it’s located outside, it is easy to disregard it because it might be covered up by certain shrubbery. Obstructions blocking the condenser unit can slow the airflow in your home and easily wear out your AC unit.
  4. Clear out vents – If you’ve been disregarding your vents and ductwork in your home, this is the best time to consider cleaning and clearing it out of obstructions. This process ensures smooth airflow towards other parts of the home.
  5. Close windows and use curtains – Although closing windows and doors is one of the most basic steps before turning on an AC unit, many homeowners still expose the room to bright sunlight. Sunlight peeking through the windows can warm up the room and slow the cooling process. It can eventually overwork your unit and increase your utility bill by the end of August. Using curtains to block out these sun rays can easily solve this issue.
  6. Seal air leaks – These air leaks are very hard to identify but are quite common issues that homeowners do not notice. They are commonly found around window sills and door frames. You can efficiently identify leaks by using a leak detector, but some homeowners opt for smoke tests, where they wave incense around closed windows and door frames.
  7. Use fans – You essentially do not want your AC unit running the whole month long. Periodically turning off the AC unit and switching on the fan can lower the cost of your energy bill and continue circulating the cool air around the home. Some also turn on the fan while using the AC unit to promote even distribution of the cool air in the room.
  8. Schedule your thermostat – If you have a programmable thermostat, schedule the temperature settings when you need the AC unit. At night, it’s best to stop using your AC unit since the air outside is cooler anyway. This move can decrease your energy consumption by a lot. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat installed, you should consider getting one before the summer months arrive.
  9. Keep vents open – Yes, you have to keep vents open even for unused rooms. The goal of your AC unit during the summer months is to maximize its efficiency. Cutting off airflow in certain house areas can only continue to overwork the unit.
  10. Call HVAC technicians – To ensure you have the best air conditioning system before August, you may want to consider calling in the assistance of a professional HVAC specialist. HVAC technicians can also help you maintain your AC unit during the warmer months. An AC repair in August is also available in our plumbing company, 5 Star Air.

Our group of HVAC repair technicians offers expert repair and maintenance services for your AC unit. Get ready for the warmer months by contacting us today!

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