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Why change to a newer unit?

There are many reasons to change to a new unit. Whether you think your heating and cooling unit just doesn’t cut it or it won’t turn on anymore, we have many options you can choose from.

  • Age: as your unit gets older, it starts to break down with normal wear and tear. You’ll also begin to notice that the efficiency of your system drops dramatically as the components are not up to spec anymore. If your system is older than 12 years, consider upgrading.
  • Efficiency: Another viable reason is that your current heating and cooling system is not efficient. Newer models are much more efficient than those from 10 years ago and have many more capabilities.
  • Regulations: laws in your area may affect your decision in getting a new unit. In California, rule 1111 is enacting stricter emissions regulations for furnaces. You might want to upgrade now.
  • Not functioning: the biggest reason homeowners get new units is because their current unit called it quits. If this is you, we have special offers that get you the unit appropriate for your home.

Heating and cooling systems should always be installed by trained professionals. At 5 Star Air, our air quality specialists have years of experience working with HVAC systems. Contact us today to upgrade your system!

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