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If you are remodeling your home and need a specialist to re-route or replace your dryer vent, know that 5 Star Air is only a call away. Improper installation of a dryer vent can cause a whole host of problems, including clogs, fires, and trapped moisture. We can re-route or replace your dryer vent to save you energy, time, and money.

Professional Service

Our company is known throughout Los Angeles for providing professional dryer duct re-routing and replacement services. The efficiency and safety of your dryer are partly determined by its location. It is advisable to place the dryer in an exterior wall to simplify venting and make your appliance more efficient. 

Many homeowners ask for re-routing dryer vent services to eliminate elbows and turns in their dryer systems that reduce airflow. If your dryer features flammable materials such as plastic or aluminum foil, consider replacing those with rigid metal ducts. In some cases, re-routing or replacing your dryer vents results in low energy bills and eliminates fire hazards.

Dryer vent replacement is a job best left to professionals. It is not advisable to undertake such projects on your own. Such projects are not as simple as some professionals make them look. Our technicians are trained to handle such projects safely and efficiently. They have the knowledge and experience to deal with unforeseen problems such as the presence of birds or unwanted objects in your dryer vents.

Competitive Rates

Despite the quality of our services, the re-routing dryer vent cost is quite affordable. We understand the unique needs of our clients and often go out of our way to provide services that meet their budgets. In addition, we do not give an estimate until we have undertaken a full inspection of your dryer vent.

The main difference between 5 Star Air and other contractors is our years of experience in dryer duct repair and maintenance services. This means homeowners who are considering re-routing or replacing their dryer vents can get the project done by our experienced technicians according to the highest industry standards. We provide air duct & dryer vent cleaning services to various locations in California such as Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Malibu.

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No Stone Unturned

When you work with 5 Star Air, you should expect our technicians and project supervisors to be on-site at all times. In addition, no part of a dryer duct re-routing or replacement project is handled by a third-party firm. Our in-house team of technicians handles all our projects.

5 Star Air will not send pushy salespeople or inexperienced technicians to your home. In addition, all estimate requests will be handled by one of our technicians who will deliver the estimates in person.

Our company is known for its straightforward pricing strategies. We will carefully inspect the dryer vent before providing an estimate. All the recommended work will be included in the base price. We will not surprise you with exorbitant rates and pricing. Request a free estimate today.

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