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Dryer Vent Cleaning
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Dryer Vent Cleaning | 5 Star Air
Dryer Vent Cleaning | 5 Star Air

Among the systems built in our home, the dryer vent is one of those that are sometimes neglected. The truth is that a dryer vent that is not working properly could cause major damages such as fires. That is why if you notice that your dryer is not working efficiently or is damaged, contact us and we will have it inspected and if need be, reroute or replace it.

Why Do Dryers Vent Loose efficiency?

There are three main reasons why your dryer vent is not working efficiently –  Poor dryer vent installation, dryer vents that are too long or take many turns, and insecure dryer vent materials.

Poor Dryer vent installation.

This happens more often than one would expect. When dryer vent installation is given to unprofessional technicians, mistakes are unavoidable. An example of a common mistake done by some technicians is using screws or duct tape to put the dryer vent sections together. Screws in a dryer vent will trap lint and end up clogging it and duct tape with time will loosen due to the heat. 

Too Long And Too Twisted Dryer Vents.

A dryer vent with multiples turns is too long and prevents proper airflow. The distance between the indoor connection and the exhaust vents should not be longer than 25 feet. A dryer vent that does not respect these requirements should be rerouted or replaced. The danger is having hot air that doesn’t get out but goes back to the dryer

Insecure Dryer Vent Materials.

Some homeowners are wrongly advised about the type of materials that should be used in their vents. Some of these materials include vinyl or slinky foil materials, PVC pipes, and Mylar foil-wrapped vent line. Dryer vents that were installed using these materials will get damaged quickly and irreversibly. 

In case you have some trouble with your dryer vent, 5 Star Air has trained and qualified dryer vent experts who can help you reroute and replace your dryer vent. They work quickly and good results are guaranteed. Call us at 800 686 5038 and you will receive the visit of our professional dryer vent technicians.

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Latest Cleaning Techniques

Our technicians have the best tools and equipment for the job. Therefore, you can expect your dryer vent cleanup to take a short time. In addition, we strive to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction.

You do not have to worry about cleaning up after our dryer vent cleanup. Our technicians will not leave a mess in your home. They will use shoe covers to protect your floor and keep your house clean throughout the service. In addition, they will clean up all the areas they come in contact with so that they leave your home as clean as they found it.

Call for dryer vent cleaning near me at 5-star air. We guarantee thorough cleanups, courteous service, and honest quotes.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning | 5 Star Air
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