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10 August Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips To Keep You Cool All Summer Long

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips | 5 Star Air

The summer months are unbearably hot, and we depend heavily on our air conditioning systems. We need them while sleeping, working, shopping, and many other activities. Air conditioning is one innovation that benefits both homeowners and business owners. In the business world, air conditioners have become commonplace both in the office and in vehicles that spend a lot of time on the road. A working conditioning unit is also necessary to keep our families comfortable during the day and night. Check this blog from 5 Star Air to ensure you stay cool and beat the heat of the summer sun!

Easy Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips To Help Your System Works Optimally 

  1. Change Your Filters
    • Your central and window air conditioners will run more efficiently if you change the filters every month during the cooling season. You can clean your filters as well if they are washable.
  2. Fix AC Leaks
    • For central air conditioning, hold an incense stick at the duct connections; for window units, light an incense stick and place it where the unit and the window frame meet. There is a leak if the smoke grows. Use foil tape for smaller ducting gaps, duct mastic for larger ones, and foam between window air conditioners and window frames with tape as needed.
  3. Use A Timer
    • There’s no need to turn the air conditioner up while you’re at work. Install a programmable thermostat for central units so that you can set warmer temperatures when you’re away and colder temperatures when you’re home.
  4. Insulate to Keep Air Cool
    • To keep the air inside ducts cold, they should be covered in hot attics or crawl spaces. Spray foam, batt insulation, or rigid foam insulation are all options. Use foil tape to seal the batt and rigid insulation (not duct tape).
  5. Keep Your AC Unit Cool
    • To increase the lifespan of your air conditioning system, keep your blinds or shades closed during the day. Awnings can also be put in place to shield south-facing windows from direct sunshine. Consider using the AC in conjunction with a floor or ceiling fan to move the cooled air more effectively.
  6. Inspect and Test Controller Functions
    • It is advised to ensure all flaps, covers, and buttons function as intended and that none are missing. Child choking hazards might include lost buttons. Exposure to dangerous components or unintentional child access to batteries might result from missing covers or flaps.
  7. Check and Clear Condensate Drain
    • A clogged AC drain is a typical indication that an air conditioner needs maintenance, so it should be checked and clear the condensate drain. It enables condensation that is created during the typical refrigeration cycle to be removed.
  8. Check Insulation
    • Regular inspections of the insulation surrounding copper piping for air conditioners are advised. The pipe transports refrigerant between the condenser (outside) and evaporator (inside) units. Insulation aids in maintaining the system’s thermal effectiveness.
  9. Check for Signs of Refrigerant Leak
    • When your air conditioner has finished being cleaned and maintained, test it again to determine if you have noticed any performance issues. You can also look at the temperature differential between the supply and return air stations for a more accurate measurement.
  10. Test Run Before Required
    • It is advised to test your AC system at least once a season if you aren’t utilizing an air conditioner. You don’t have to wait until the first hot day of spring or summer to discover the system isn’t operating.

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