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5 Star Air Coronavirus Update

 The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has been described by scientists as the most dangerous threat that humanity has encountered in the past two centuries. Governments, national and international organizations are struggling to eradicate it by implementing new safety rules and accelerating the research to find a vaccine and cure.

It is essential to conduct routine checks of specific problem areas such as walls, the roof, and building foundations. Water leaks are some of the biggest causes of mold and mildew growth. Small leaks in your dryer or HVAC system should be dealt with promptly before they become bigger problems.

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We make sure that the homes in which we provide our services do not have any case of coronavirus and we do not come in contact with individuals with COVID-19 symptoms.

Our technicians will at all times wear protective equipment and will dispose of it after they finish a service. The protective equipment includes disposable gloves, masks, and shoe covers.

Our technicians are required to wash their hands regularly following the WHO’s recommendation.

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All our staff practices social distancing in and out of the office. We urge you to respect the social distancing rules and stay 6 feet away from the technician.

5 Star Air stands by your side during this period.

If you have any questions or need to book a service, contact us at (800) 686 5038.
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