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6 Things That Reduce Our Indoor Air Quality

When at home, it is rare that we start thinking about our indoor air quality. However, it would be good if we started thinking about it right away. Air quality is one of these things that we pay no attention to, but that has very negative effects on our health. Do you know that research has shown that there are sometimes more pollutants in our homes than outdoors? These pollutants can cause our families allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. That is why it is important to take care of the air we breathe indoors so that our families do not face the consequences of breathing polluted air. The question we can ask ourselves is; what is in our indoor air that pollutes it, and how does it get there? It is to answer this question that we wrote this article. Read through our list of pollutants and learn how you can prevent them from infesting your home.

  • Plant Pollen

From the beginning of spring till the mid-autumn is the most difficult time for people allergic to pollen. During this period, plants such as oak trees, ragweed, and pollen let out huge quantities of pollen that wake up allergies and asthma in people who come in contact with them. The most unfortunate thing about pollen is that it does not only affect people outdoors. It has this incredible ability to get into our homes and cause us health troubles. Of all the pollutants that enter our homes, plant pollen is those that get in the most. 

  • Animal and Human Tramsmitted viruses

Viruses are the plague of our centuries. They are practically everywhere and inevitable. The 2019 Sars virus is a perfect example of the threat that viruses have on our society. During these epidemics, scientists discovered that there are more chances of getting infected by this virus at home than outdoors. This is because the air indoors has no way to escape. So once someone brings an airborne virus into the house, especially one that is not equipped with devices to purify the air, there are chances that the whole household gets infected. The worst thing is that viruses that are dangerous to man are not only brought by people but by animals too.

  • Mold

Mold is an organism that is found in millions of homes around the US. It is so widespread because of the difficulties people have to prevent them from growing in their homes. Favorable environments for mold are humid environments. Once it has infested such an environment, it requires professional services to get rid of them. Homes where the air duct system is clogged and humidity can’t escape are often the type of homes with the strongest mold infestation. The moment you notice mold in your home, do not wait to call a professional to remove it. Wasting time to remove mold might cause health issues to you and your household.

  • Human, Animal, and Plant Conveyed Bacteria.

How often do you clean your hands, pets, products you take into your home and your home itself? The right answer to this question is never enough. This is, unfortunately, true for 100% of people living on our planet. The bad news that comes with this fact is that bacteria constantly surround us. They often come from outdoors just like viruses and end up in the air we breathe in our homes. They are among the worst pollutants to infest homes. 

  • Household Pet’s Dander

If you have a dog as a pet, you must have experienced how much fur it can lose, especially during the summer months. It is one of the things that greatly affect the indoor air quality of your home. Pet dander is particularly dangerous if you have people who suffer from allergies or asthma. Pet dander is extremely volitant and thus quickly ends up in ventilation systems and spreads all over the house. Even if you manage to reduce them in the rooms of your home, there are chances that your ventilation system is full of them. Pet dander is one of the causes that your air duct system gets clogged. Except if you clean your home completely and your air duct system with it, you can never get rid of pet dander.

  • Cockroaches, Rodents, and Other Pest’s Waste

Some people might argue that they have no rats, mice, or insects running in their homes. On the outside, it might be true. However, if we look in the dark corners of their homes, such as the vents and the heating and cooling units, they will be shocked at how much vermin actually lives in there. These little animals and insects have the ability to make any place in our homes their residents without us suspecting a thing. Once they have made themselves comfortable, they leave waste such as excrements or saliva. When this waste dries, it becomes airborne and reduces the indoor air quality of your home. It often brings health issues to whoever breathes it. Since one of the most favorable places for vermin is the vent, the harmful pollutants they leave behind easily spread throughout the house. 

What To Do Against All These Pollutants.

The most efficient way to prevent these harmful pollutants from affecting your health is by performing regular air duct cleaning. You can also have air purifying services such as air scrubbing performed in your home. Air duct and dryer maintenance is also another solution. You should have your ducts and vents checked at least once a year. Also, clean or change your air filters twice a year to optimize their performance. Air duct certified technicians best do all these preventive measures. 

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