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7 Signs You Need Air Duct Replacement

    Your air ducts are the pathway through which air is transported around the house. These ducts take the air out of the rooms and through a temperature regulator and filter, then circulate it back into the rooms with the air quality adjusted to your setting. 

Why Is Air Duct Important?

    Many people tend to overlook the ducts when dealing with their HVAC system without knowing that this mistake can cost them an arm and a leg. The air ducts draw air from different parts of your house to be heated or cooled and then they take it back to other areas of your house. Once the ductwork is poorly installed or has several holes, air pressure is off the right track. This requires your HVAC system to work harder resulting in an increase in your utility bill.

    Air ducts are designed to last for around a decade on average. They are manufactured from different sets of materials such as fiberglass and plastic. Over time, these ducts will get worn or corroded. The earlier you notice the signs of damage and take the preventive measure, the better. While if you choose to ignore it, you are bound to spend a fortune on your energy bill and repair services.

    When your air ducts get worn out, your comfort level will drop. For instance, your air conditioning unit won’t work efficiently and you may notice uneven cooling and heating performance in certain areas in your house. Apparently, you take some measures to prevent your AC unit from being completely damaged. In the same manner that worn out air ducts can also take in toxic air through the vents due to the mold and mildew problems. Getting your HVAC ducts maintained regularly by professionals like 5 Star Air is essential for your quality health and life.

What Are The Signs That You Need Air Duct Replacement?

    They also are one of the parts of home we might not think about very often, as they are invisible for the most part. That said, they are as susceptible to breakdown and damage as any other part of a home and require the same amount of care. Know to look for these 7 signs you need air duct replacement:

Poor Cooling Performance

    When your HVAC system is having issues cooling your rooms, you may need to have air ducts checked. There several factors that can damage your system and make it difficult to cool your home. You can inspect your air filter first and replace it when necessary. A dirty air filter will slow down cooling performance. If that doesn’t work, have a professional HVAC technician test your ductwork.


Dents and  Punctures 

    Your air ducts are intricately manufactured as well as strategically installed to ensure that your property can fully benefit from your air conditioning unit. Any issues like dents and punctures can significantly affect the effectiveness of your cooling system. When you can apparently notice some dents or punctures in your ductwork, immediately contact your local technician to deal with the damage. A certified HVAC technician can identify whether it would be practical to do a repair or have a complete duct replacement, and make practical suggestions.

Poor Airflow

    One of the most important signs of a functional HVAC system is the quality of its airflow. Thus, it is not your ductwork that plays a critical role in the mechanism of properly cooling your living areas. If your ductwork is worn out, old, dirty, or clogged in any way, your property is likely to deal with the consequences such as high electrical bills and a low level of comfort. Once you notice your airflow slowing down, you already need a replacement.

Mold and Mildew Odor

    Air contaminants are severe problems, especially when they already penetrate into your ductwork. Once this happens, your HVAC system kicks on, it circulates the mold spores and foul odors throughout your house. From minor allergies to even severe health conditions, mold in your ductwork can add up to a laundry list of headaches. When your HVAC system releases a foul odor and you are worried that your ducts may have mold or mildew, call in an expert immediately. While duct cleaning may temporarily help, a full replacement is highly recommended for molds or mildews. 

Old Ductwork

    The same as an air conditioning unit, air ducts are designed to last up to a decade with regular maintenance. Thus, it is important to note that over time, air duct components are vulnerable to deterioration. The damage can result in different issues for your HVAC systems, such as the high consumption of energy, poor performance, and low level of comfort within your home. Air ducts go through the natural wear and tear, which is the reason why you need to have your ductwork inspected and replaced after10 years.

Improper Design and Installation

     The ductwork systems are deliberately manufactured and installed throughout your property to cool every living space at a maximum level, all while keeping its efficiency, power consumption, and performance level. When your ductwork was improperly designed or installed for some reason, a full replacement is recommended. Improper design or installation of an air duct is one of the main reasons for residential power loss. Even with a top AC brand that perfectly complements your home, bad ductwork makes it to function efficiently and provide comfort. When you start to notice hot and cold spots around your house or less than the level of comfort, see a professional to look into your ductwork.

Noisy Operation 

    It’s just normal that your HVAC system produces some sounds while working, but it shouldn’t be infuriatingly loud. When you regularly hear banging sounds or  the HVAC ductwork is trembling hard while heating or cooling your living spaces then you have to check the ducts. It’s important to note that the air ducts are installed using plastic or fiberglass joints. Once these joints get worn out, you will start to hear banging or trembling sounds. Also when there are holes in the ductwork, you’ll notice strange noises when air goes through the ducts. Do not take this noise for granted or it will complicate the problem.

   The condition of your ductwork is very important because it delivers warm or cool air to every room in your home. Troubles with your air ducts can shorten your HVAC system’s life by forcing it to work harder, and it can make your home less comfortable.

    When you take the time to clean or replace your air duct, you can save your money and time while keeping the level of comfort in your home. Air duct replacement is essential to maintain the good quality of indoor air and physical health. Once you notice any or all of the signs,  contact 5 Star Air immediately to help you provide your home with a functional air duct.

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