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Air Duct Cleaning: Which Company Does It Best

Air Duct Cleaning Company Near Me | 5 Star Air

We all want the best when maintaining our home. Therefore, don’t settle for less when looking for an air duct cleaning company near me. 5 Star Air Pro is the top air cleaning service provider that delivers exceptional service at an affordable price. We have seasoned professionals who do heating and air maintenance to ensure your heating and air conditioning work properly.

Summer heat is unbearable but also freezing weather, and it can be uncomfortable, so getting an ac service and maintenance should be done before the start of summer, and you should do home heating maintenance before the start of the winter months. This way, your air conditioner is prepped and ready to work throughout the hot summer months without any problem.

Now, we’ll learn how to properly maintain your air quality at home using 5 Star Air Pro tips:

  • Install fume extraction in your kitchen.

Extraction fumes extract dirt, toxins, and dust in your kitchen because when we cook, there will be oils, food remnants, and other pollutants that will affect your air quality and health. Hire an expert installer for this to ensure it works perfectly.

  • Renew your air.

Renewing your air may sound like a lot of work, but you only need to ventilate your home for several minutes. You can leave the window open to let air in, and that’s how easily you can renew your air. Do this every day to maintain your air quality.

  • Choose paint brands with low emissions.

When buying paint for your new home or renovating, you should choose paint brands with low emissions. There are two emission phases on a paint: the short-term phase, wherein it has emissions right when applying the paint, and the long-term emission phase, wherein the emissions stay longer inside your home once the paint is dry. Luckily, there are low-emission paints available in stores today.

  • Install a ventilation system at home.

If you live in a tight space with no access to natural ventilation, installing a ventilation system at home is the best option. Installing a ventilation system ensures good ventilation and air quality inside your home.

  • Set a cleaning schedule.

To ensure your air quality at home is at its best, ensure you regularly clean your home. You may create a cleaning schedule that you can easily follow.

  • Use low-emission cleaning products.

Even cleaning products have high emissions, so ensure you use low-emission products or homemade products using ingredients easily available in your pantry.

  • Buy low-emission furniture.

Most glues used to make furniture emit pollutants, so opt for naturally-made furniture or those with low emissions since the furniture will stay inside your home for a long time.

  • Always check your humidity.

The proper humidity level inside your home should be between 40% to 70%. Higher humidity allows molds to grow, which affects your indoor air quality.

  • Opt for low-emission building materials.

Before building a house, you may talk to your contractor about getting low-emission building materials to avoid inhaling pollutants and affecting your indoor air quality, which can lead to sickness.

  • Avoid smoking indoors.

Cigarette smoke is a pollutant and emits high emissions. It’s also unhealthy and unsafe, especially if infants or small children are inside.

Always have the best indoor air quality and a properly functioning HVAC system when you hire 5 Star Air Pro today. So, call us when you need HVAC services so you breathe in the fresh air and be ready for the changing climate.

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