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Asbestos Removal / Hazmat

By this time, everyone knows the dangers of asbestos. This fibrous material looks similar to corrugated cardboard but causes health issues such as asbestosis (scarring of the lung tissue) and mesothelioma (cancer of the lining of the lung cavity) when you breathe in the fibers.

So how does it correlate with your home? Asbestos was a very popular material that was used to build homes in the past due to its insulation properties. The material was used for many home purposes, but mainly as a way to insulate air ducts. 

As the asbestos ages, it starts to deteriorate and break down. This causes the fibers to separate. Once these fibers are free, they begin to circulate throughout your home especially through the air ducts. The fibers are blown throughout your house which over time, causes health effects. Scientists have found that the asbestos material causes cancer mesothelioma as the fibers stick to your respiratory system.

Our air quality specialists are fully trained and licensed to evaluate your air duct system and pinpoint asbestos air ducts. Once we locate these harmful sections, we will completely replace them to ensure that your air is safe.  

If you think your home may have asbestos air ducts or insulation, contact us today for a full air duct system evaluation. We’ll find and replace all those problem sections.

For all your home cleaning solutions, such as air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact 5 Star Best Air and we’ll send a technician out to your place immediately. 

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Asbestos Removal | Hazmat - 5 Star Air
Asbestos Removal | Hazmat - 5 Star Air
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