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Cleaning Indoor Air To Help Newborns Health

    Every parent wants to provide a home that is safe and clean for their children. This is even much more critical during this time as most people are staying more time at home than ever before. Healthy air is essential to our health and ensuring that the air that the children, especially the newborn babies,  breathe is fresh and clean is an essential part of achieving a healthy home.

    An indoor air pollution can result in symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, breathing difficulty, headaches, and fatigue. Air pollutants, allergens, tobacco smoke, or exposure to chemicals can cause asthma symptoms or make a pre-existing condition worse. Environmental illnesses may include other underlying health issues that are difficult to identify.

    Once you observe that your child has symptoms of an allergic reaction, then it could be that your house has accumulated molds. While the following symptoms are also observed in other health issues, some common symptoms of poor indoor air quality in children include: 

  • dry cough
  • irritated eyes
  • skin rashes 
  • itchy nose
  • nasal congestion
  • flu-like symptoms
  • sore throat
  • wheezing

Luckily, there are practical ways on how to improve your indoor air quality and help secure the health of your newborn child. Below are the ways in cleaning indoor air to help newborns health:

Clean the Air 

    Taking in fresh and clean air is important at any age but the most important phase of your child’s development takes place in the first three months from the beginning of your pregnancy to your baby’s second birthday. It’s a vital phase for cognitive and physical development and the air you take in can have a huge impact. Exposure to the harmful indoor air contaminants or allergens can begin while your child is still in the womb and when they are newly born breathe in three times as much as you do.

    Most parents are very concerned about the air they breathe outside, specifically in crowded cities, but the air inside their houses can actually be much more contaminated than outside. This is specifically important for parents as their babies were already taking up to 90% of their time inside their home, even prior to the community lockdown. Air contaminants and pollens can easily get in and go around their homes and newly born babies can be particularly vulnerable to them. It’s essential to have a regular cleaning routine and be careful of the chemicals you utilize in your home, but installing an air purifier is one of the  most effective ways in ensuring your child has the fresh air they need for their physical and mental health.

Set a Sleeping Environment

    Having a good sleep is essential at every phase  of a child’s development. For newly born babies, it’s also very critical to set a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment. Providing clean and fresh indoor air is also conducive to a good sleep, as well as keeping your baby from the air pollutants and allergens. Installing a noisy air purifier may wake your baby up immediately after you have put them to sleep. Select an air purifier unit with an ultra-quiet fan, which gives a significantly high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CARD) with whisper-silent function and low power consumption.

    When you are up to the health benefits behind it, the system importantly charges airborne particles before they get in the filter. It makes the particles get stuck in the filter more easily because of the electrostatic forces. Then it facilitates the use of a less dense filter, so much air can flow with less sound and less force. The output is an air purifier that will do an efficient job of making the air clean and fresh without disturbing your baby’s sleep.

Use Chemical-Free Paints

    The use of organic chemicals such as volatile organic compounds provides a high vapor pressure at standard room temperature. That means that they are easily released in gas or vapor forms. These organic forms can be given off by burning fuels such as gases, coals, and woods, but they can also be emitted from different common substances such as paints, adhesives, disinfecting and cleaning chemicals.

   The chemical concentration of the volatile organic compounds can be much higher inside your home and they can result in a wide range of potential health issues, such as throat, nose, and eye irritation, allergies, and even liver and kidney failure. It’s essential to minimize the amount of these contaminants in your home by using low-VOC cleaning and paint products. It is still possible that you will have VOCs in your indoor air, however, but some air purifiers can also eliminate these air pollutants before your baby can take them in.

Eliminate the Dust

    Home dust can contain a lot of different particles. There is a common myth that it is a purely dead human skin but most of them actually settle in the bathroom. The dust in your home does contain particles of human skin, however, together with comparably disgusting things such as pet danders and dead insects, which are particles of animal skin. It can also contain pollens, textile fibers, hair, soil particles, and food scraps.

   Some of the air pollutants can result in asthma flare-ups and allergic reactions. Although you can eliminate the amount of home dusts by routine and complete cleaning you can never remove them completely, and a great amount of this dust will settle in the air circulating around your home. Install air purifiers that can eliminate a great amount of these dust particles from the air with a high capture rate, clearing the air making it safe for you and your baby.

    Paying attention to the concrete, visible dangers to the health and well-being of your children rather than those that are abstract, invisible is a common risk of parenting. The airborne particles that surround your newborn is one of those commonly disregarded health risks. Indoor air contaminants are a tough reality in our modern time, but the above ways will help boost your indoor air quality for you and your child.

     Are you experiencing indoor air problems? We can professionally maintain your air duct system or recommend the best air purifiers in the market. Safeguard your baby’s health by providing them with healthy and clean indoor air. Contact 5 Star Air, we offer high-quality products and services for your indoor air quality needs.

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