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If you are looking for the best air duct and HVAC company, 5 Star Air Pro is for you. A working HVAC system is important for many homes in regions with extreme climates. Air conditioners keep you cool in hot weather, and heaters keep you warm in cold weather. 5 Star Air Pro is Altadena’s premier air duct and HVAC service provider, serving nearby communities and neighborhoods.

We are your one-stop heating and air conditioning service provider for all your air duct and HVAC needs. You can count on us anytime, from installation and repair to regular maintenance.

Our services

  • Residential Air Duct Services
    • Duct System Condition Evaluation – Get to know the overall condition of your ducts with our duct system condition evaluation.
    • Dryer Vent Cleaning – Use your dryer efficiently and without the risk of a fire hazard with our dryer vent cleaning service.
    • Dryer Vent Re-Routing & Replacement – If you want to transfer your dryer to a different location or want to replace your dryer vents altogether, we can do it for you without fail.
    • Air Duct Installation – Air ducts are essential in every HVAC system. Hence, we proudly offer air duct installation services for your home or business.
    • Air Duct Removal – If you plan on transitioning to a ductless system or want certain parts of your ductwork removed, we’ll get it done in no time!
    • Air Duct Cleaning – Tired of dust buildup in your ducts? We’ll have them cleaned for you to improve your indoor air quality.
  • Air Purification – Improve indoor air quality (IAQ) with our air purification services.
  • Commercial Air Duct Services – We also provide air duct services for commercial establishments. From cooling towers to large heaters, we’ve got you covered.
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
    • Installation – We offer comprehensive installation services for all heating and air conditioning systems.
    • Repair – For all kinds of HVAC repair services, count on our experts anytime.
    • Maintenance – A well-maintained HVAC system is an efficient system.

We Service Every Street, Community, and Neighborhood in Altadena, Los Angeles, CA

Feel free to book our installation, repair, and maintenance services today, and we’ll bring them right to your doorstep wherever you are in Altadena. We also serve the neighborhoods of:

Altadena Meadows, Central Altadena, Cobb Estate Adjacent, Farnsworth, Florecita Farm, Hope Heights, Janes Village, JPL, La Vina, Mariposa Ranch, Mountain View, Stonehill, The Meadows, and Upper Fair Oaks

Air Duct And HVAC Frequently Asked Questions

As a Heating and air conditioning company in Calabasas, 5 Star Air Pro is here to deliver the best air duct cleaning services and HVAC services, including HVAC repair. Not only that, but we are also one of the reliable Vent cleaning companies in Calabasas that delivers quality dryer Vent Services.

We are also available to provide the Same Day emergency HVAC repair.

For many years, we have received different questions from our customers in Calabasas regarding air ducts and HVAC. Here are some of our gathered questions with our corresponding answers.

Over time, your HVAC system will experience wear and tear. Eventually, it will need to be serviced by a professional. You should also service your HVAC system before and after every change of season is also necessary. For example, your AC needs to be in good working condition before summer, and your heater shouldn’t have problems when winter arrives. We offer HVAC repair and maintenance for your needs. You can take advantage of our same day emergency HVAC repair.

Your HVAC system depends on a thermostat to sense your home’s temperature and adjust it according to your preferences. Programmable thermostats are automatic sensors that can be pre-set according to your needs. It helps you save thousands on your energy bill as you can set it to turn off when you are not around or lower the temperature at certain times of the day.

A ductless system can distribute cold or warm air more efficiently than traditional units. On the other hand, ducts allow air to circulate over large expanses through walls and ceilings. If your home doesn’t have a pre-installed duct system, a ductless system might be better for you than installing complex ductwork.

When the climate outside your home is hot and humid, you will want to find an indoor temperature that provides you with the greatest comfort. The Department of Energy (DOE) suggests starting at 72 degrees Fahrenheit and then lowering or increasing it by one degree until you find the right temperature.

The winter and summer switch is usually a lever that opens the passage of air through your furnace. During summer, when the climate is humid and hot, you don’t need air to be humidified, so you need to cut off passage through your furnace. Opening the switch during summer allows cold air to be heated and humidified. Ask the best heating and air conditioning company for more information about the summer and winter switch.

Air duct cleaning significantly improves your indoor air quality (IAQ). It refers to removing dust and debris from your ductwork, including individual vents and baseboard units.

Clean air ducts promote the circulation of clean air. Removing debris buildup also helps your system run more efficiently. Regular cleaning is necessary to keep your indoor air clean. 5 Star Air Pro offers the best air duct cleaning services.

Depending on several factors, you should clean your air duct at least once every three to five years. Factors you need to consider for air duct cleaning include family health issues, how often you use your HVAC system, and the size of your ductwork.

Professional vent cleaning companies use special tools to clean your air ducts effectively. These tools include specialized air pumps and vacuums, a “snake,” and rotary brushes. Ultraviolet machines also pump UV light into your ductwork to kill certain bacteria.

While you can do DIY cleaning, hiring an expert is recommended to clean your air ducts effectively. 5 Star Air Pro can eliminate allergens and contaminants from your ductwork and remove the buildup of dust and debris. Aside from our air duct and HVAC services, we also provide dryer vent services.

Why Choose 5 Star Air Pro

Choose only the best air duct cleaning company for all your ductwork and HVAC needs.

  • We offer reliable air duct and HVAC services in Altadena and nearby neighborhoods.
  • We provide a comprehensive air duct and HVAC service for all types of systems.
  • We have experienced and highly trained technicians on-call.
  • We offer reasonably affordable HVAC services.
  • We offer same-day emergency services.
  • We are Altadena’s most trusted heating and cooling company. 

5 Star Air Pro is the ultimate go-to for all your air duct and HVAC needs. Call our experts today, and we’ll provide top-quality services every time. You can also read our blogs to learn more about HVAC and air duct systems and services.

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