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Best Air Duct and HVAC company in Covina, Los Angeles

HVAC is reliable in every climate. Even if these systems are elegant and efficient, several circumstances can cause a malfunction. 5 Star Air Pro is a trusted Air Duct and HVAC Company that can safeguard and extend the life of your HVAC systems.

5 Star Air Pro is a well-known heating and cooling repair and installation company. They offer a wide range of repairs for any problem. Our maintenance technicians and customer care personnel are highly trained to provide excellent service.

Our services include:

  • Residential Air Duct Services
    • Air Duct Installation- With a newly installed air duct, your HVAC system will have an improved airflow and quality. 
    • Air Duct Removal- Think your air duct system is beyond repair? A proper removal of the old duct system will make the installation easier!
    • Air Duct CleaningMaintaining a dust-free air duct is key to optimal ventilation. With expert air duct cleaning no debris will block your ventilation system!
    • Duct System Condition Evaluation- Our rigorous evaluation service prevents major defects from aggravating which means lesser expense!
    • Dryer Vent Cleaning- Ignoring dust build-up can later result in a catastrophe! With our dryer vent cleaning services your pipes will be spotless in no time!
    • Dryer Vent Rerouting & Replacement- Think it’s time for a Dryer Vent upgrade? With our dryer vent rerouting & replacement, you can improve the function of your dryer vents!
  • Commercial Air Duct Services- With commercial air duct services, you can safeguard the state of your ductwork in your workspaces and businesses 
  • Air PurificationAir pollutants can affect your family’s health. With air purification services, air-borne diseases can be prevented.
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
    • Installation- Want to upgrade your current system? 5 Star Air Pro offers masterful installation services that can be done within minutes!
    • Repair- There’s nothing our technicians can’t fix! If your system is plagued with defects, count on 5 Star Air Pro to remedy the issue.
    • Maintenance- To keep your HVAC units in tip-top shape, allow our experts to run maintenance procedures every once in a while.

If you have any questions, please do not delay getting in touch with us so that our team can clarify all your doubts and concerns.

5 Star Air Pro Services the Entire Neighborhood of Covina, Los Angeles, CA

Hiring a trained HVAC specialist should make HVAC repairs easy. Even investing in high-end HVAC systems and upkeep won’t guarantee equipment longevity. In case of a significant system malfunction, you’ll need efficient repairs. 5 Star Air Pro offers Covina residents reasonably priced services that will guarantee the restoration and longevity of your ventilation systems. 

5 Star Air Pro also serves these areas:

  • Alta Hill
  • Anson
  • Badillo St
  • Baldwin Park
  • Bromley Ave
  • Bromley/Willow
  • Covina-Northview
  • Del Norte
  • Grovecenter
  • Grovecenter Amigos
  • ‘Hood
  • Irwindale
  • Lakes View
  • Merced – Orange
  • North side
  • Olive St
  • Orange
  • Pacific
  • Palm Dr
  • Queenside
  • Rowland Lark Ellen
  • Rowland
  • The Secret
  • Traweek
  • Vincent Ave
  • Vincent Heart

Your Frequently Asked Questions

As a top-caliber heating and air conditioning company we make sure to provide the best air duct cleaning services. Most vent cleaning companies encounter the same HVAC issues, that’s why 5 Star Air Pro is answering these questions for your benefit.

Air ducts are the passages to connect and move the warm or cool air to the house. The HVAC system pulls air in through an intake vent and then either heats or cools that air.

Ducts need to be professionally cleaned, insulated, and sealed to maintain airflow quality. Sealing ducts in unfinished spaces can significantly improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

There are installation issues and certain wear and tear issues that can compromise the function of your air duct, and these are sloppy insulation, dirt clogs, improper installation and design, and ductwork leaks.

To guarantee that your air ducts are clean and free of pollution, have them checked and maintained at least once a year. This way, molds, vermin, and dust won’t accumulate inside the pipes.

These are some of the most noticeable signs that your Air Duct has problems: compromised airflow, poor air quality, dusty surfaces, mechanical noise, and inconsistent room temperature.

Air filters should be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis to maximize system function. Using a programmable thermostat, keeping curtains drawn or putting shades in rooms with more direct sunlight, and not restricting airflow by closing vents in various rooms are a few other options to reduce your energy consumption.

To ensure that your HVAC system is operating at its peak, you should change your filters when they begin to discolor. The filter is dirty if it appears to be so. When the system is in heavy use, such as during the winter and summer months, the filters should be changed monthly, and every other month during the spring and fall. An air filter gauge can help you figure out when it’s time for a replacement.

A smart place to start is with the filter size that is designed to fit in your system. Think about the minimal efficiency reporting value for each of the filters (MERV). Asthma and allergy sufferers benefit most from a higher-grade filter. To get the most out of pleated air filters, you need to change them frequently. If you leave them in the unit too long, they become clogged.

Make sure your home has functional fire and carbon monoxide detectors as a vital HVAC safety step. An HVAC system can be a hazard if it’s not properly maintained.

If you want a good HVAC system, you need one that’s big. Your home can be subjected to a “Manual J” audit by an energy auditor. This estimate takes into account the amount of insulation in your home, the age of your heating and cooling system, and the type of windows in your home and the direction they face. Using this formula, you may determine exactly what size system is needed for your home.

If you have any other concerns that necessitates immediate HVAC repair, Dryer Vent Services, and other HVAC services, feel free to reach out to us. Our Same Day emergency HVAC repair is accessible 24/7 so hit us up anytime!

What Makes 5 Star Air Pro The Ideal Choice

If you want to be backed by the Best Air Duct Cleaning Company in your area, look out for the qualities that make an ideal Heating and cooling company! A great service provider should be:

  • Reliable- System issues and defects often catch us off guard. That’s why it’s important to have a dependable partner like 5 Star Air Pro that you can call on for help.
  • Competent- Heeding a call for help is not enough. Proficiently taking care of the issue at hand and yielding amazing results matters most; that’s what 5 Star Air Pro does!
  • Customer Friendly- The quality of your experience counts, determined by how patiently and thoroughly technicians accommodate your concerns. That’s why here in 5 Star Air Pro, we always encourage all of our teams to be courteous and friendly.

If you want to know more about our team and offered services, you have the freedom to call and work with us. But, if you are interested to know more about your air duct and HVAC system, you should also check our blogs!

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