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Signs of Poorly Installed Air Duct System


Do you know that your home is like a human body? As your body needs good and fresh air to keep you healthy, so does your home. Thanks to your air duct system, your home profits from a constant flow of fresh air that keeps it standing and maintains your household in perfect health. Working together with your HVAC system, your air ducts system is the element in your home that allows you to live and enjoy the fleeting years and seasons with peace of mind.

Unfortunately, not all homeowners having a duct system enjoy the serenity it brings. Homeowners who have had their air duct system installed by incompetent technicians can relate. A poorly installed air duct system is a huge source of trouble and a waste of time and money for the homeowner. What makes it worse is that more than half of new air duct systems installed in the US have installation issues. 

Air duct Issues, unlike any other electrical or plumbing problems, are sometimes hardly detectable. That is why many homeowners might have a poor air duct system installation but be completely unaware of it. To change that, we decided to show a list of warning signs of a poorly installed air duct system. 

Damaged Air ducts

It might seem strange that the first thing on our list is damaged air ducts, but you will be surprised at how many homeowners end up with damaged air ducts after installation. Once your technician has finished installing your air duct system, take some minutes to check his work. Look for hanging ducts, holes, and weak connections. If you notice any of these issues or other anomalies, get your whole air duct system inspected.

Air Duct Leaks

During air duct installation, inexperienced technicians have the bad habit of hurting through the task and fail to do things right. This unprofessionalism causes one of the biggest problems your home could have in regard to heating, cooling, and ventilation — air leaks. Air is an important factor that contributes to the comfort of our indoor environment. Controlling the flow of air in and out of your home and making sure that it is pure with controlled humidity is of primordial importance. However, with a poorly installed air duct system, that is impossible. Technicians who ruin your air duct installation often leave it with cracks, gaps, and poor connections that allow air to leak. The consequence of this leakage impacts your family, appliances and units, and your wallet. 

Signs of air duct leaks


  • Dust Accumulation:

    Poorly concealed leaks not only let air out of your home but also invite dust and debris into your home. If after a technician completes your air duct installation and you notice a dust increase in your home, the technician might have poorly done the job.

  • Exorbitant Energy Bills:

    A poor air duct installation makes HVAC systems work harder. Since indoor air leaks out of your home, your heating and cooling systems have to struggle to keep your room at a convenient temperature.

  • Stuffy Air:

    Leaky air ducts allow outdoor air to get into your home. If you live next to an urban area, this can be a big problem. It leads to or revise respiratory problems in your homes and even brings in some airborne diseases. If you notice that the air you breathe indoors is stuffy and feels like outdoor air, get an expert to check your ducts.

Air duct leakage is a serious problem that you should not leave unattended. If the cause of the leakage is your poor duct installation, get a professional expert to redo the job. On the other hand, if you have not had an air duct installation service performed in your home, then have your whole air duct system checked and fixed by our experts.  

Insufficient Air Return.

Air return is an important factor in the functioning of your HVAC system. When there is no air return, your heating and air conditioning units have to work twice harder to distribute air through out your home. This might cause your compressor and air handler to wear quickly. Therefore, if you notice that your system is struggling because of insufficient air return, get a technician to have a look at your air duct installation right away.

Considerable Temperature Differences Between Rooms.

An air duct system is supposed to provide stable and equal temperatures to all the rooms in your home. Therefore, if your home has temperature inconsistency or warm and cold spots, it means there is something wrong with your air duct system. The technician who installed it might have used the wrong material or wrong sizes to build your air duct system. Such mistakes obstruct airflow and create differences in temperature between and in your rooms.


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