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Why You Need to Clean Air Ducts after Fire?

    An air duct system is very useful at circulating smoke. If a fire occurs like the recent massive forest fires in California, the entire HVAC system will be polluted, to a lesser or greater level. It is possible that the air duct system will spread smoke even outside the area of the fire. Thus, putting off air duct cleaning only makes the situation even worse, and over time, you are looking at a major problem in your home. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you need to clean air ducts after a fire.

Purify Air At Home

     Cleaning your air ducts after fire eliminates harmful gases and chemicals from the fire. Furthermore, you are removing them from the air particles of smoke that makes it harder to breathe. Patients with allergies and asthma are greatly affected by polluted air. Contaminated air due to fire can cause coughing fits and some severe conditions. While you might not have allergic reactions, other people in your house might have, and you want to provide them the most comfortable stay possible. Others only depend on air purifiers when the air is contaminated.

     Although this is definitely an option, it would be better to find a solution at its source, your air ducts. Also, prolonged exposure to air pollutants is harmful in itself. You may have contaminated air in the past, but not for a long period of time. Perhaps it was at your smoky kitchen or when your sink releases harmful chemicals. However, your air ducts are here to stay, and contaminated ducts result in a much higher risk of infection. Out of consideration for inhaling pure oxygen, never put off cleaning your ducts.

Remove Smoke Odors

    Air duct cleaning removes the smoke odor from your home. Your duct might contain mold and mildew that discharge these contaminated particles into the air. Although, this air doesn’t stink in the first place. We have all experienced those lasting odors that just don’t vanish. Regardless of how many windows you open or air fresheners you use, the unpleasant smell lingers day after day.

    Similar to air purifiers, many people go for air fresheners to get rid of the smoke. But you don’t have to smash your air freshener as your initial reaction to a smoke odor. Rather, inspect the air duct for the accumulation of smoke gases. You would be amazed at just how much gases can get, especially when left unresolved. Cleaning your unit will most likely eliminate the odor from your home.

Increase Air Flow

    Another problem is that smoke can obstruct the airflow through the duct. The presence of smoke is sufficient to block airflow and prevent fresh air from circulating around all the rooms of your house. When the purpose of an air duct is to improve ventilation in your home, smoke from fire prevents the duct from doing its function. You will have to clean this up immediately. Particularly, old homes are vulnerable to this issue.

    There are some cases of the ducts in older homes that went unmaintained for several years, and when you move in, the duct is already full of air contaminants. Luckily, you will most likely be able to identify this problem through its odor far before it gets fully contained. But if you start to notice a decrease in ventilation, it could be due to the clogged air ducts. Reach your ducts and clean them to facilitate the efficient flow of clean air through your house.

Clean The Environment

    Clean air ducts practically result in a cleaner environment. The smoke particles that travel through the air and finally settle in your furniture and appliances. Thus, it’s important to clean your air ducts if you want to live in a smoke-free home. Since these air particles are microscopic, you can’t just see them on your sofa to determine if it is contaminated. You have to rely on your air ducts to inform you and clean them regularly. The particles of smoke and dirt might not seem too dangerous on your furniture sets.

    However, that’s not the only part of your house they can settle. Consider if these smoke particles fall into your cup of coffee or plate of meal. Although your air ducts are distant from the kitchen, you have no control over the contaminated area. They can easily spread from one room to another and settle on your food and drinks. Wipe the ducts regularly and enjoy the comfort of your home.

    Our highly trained technicians at 5 Star Air specializes in air duct cleaning and the best ways to clear the smoke from your kitchen or even outside your house. Furthermore, we are experts in digging deep into the air ducts and clean the components that are not easily reached. If you notice that your air ducts have become contaminated from smoke or other air pollutants, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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