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Will Air Duct Cleaning Give Me the Results I Need

Considering getting your air duct professionally cleaned?

We would want to start by asking what results are you looking for? If you’re looking for revitalizing your 10-year-old HVAC with duct cleaning, you probably won’t get the results you’re looking for. Like the rest of your heating and cooling system, maintenance is important. Air Duct Cleaning services can get you a higher efficiency from your HVAC and cleaner air.

Do you really need air duct cleaning? Well, it depends on your situation. While there are benefits to cleaning out your air ducts, there are many misconceptions as to how often and on what occasion you should get the service done. Here are some indications as to when you should definitely get some service done.

Allergy Flare-Up – According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, more than 50 million Americans experience various types of allergies each year. If you’re suffering from an allergy-related illness and still can’t seem to figure out why, your ducts may be the cause. Allergens are easily circulated through your ventilation system and can cause you to suffer from the effects.

Mold – Moisture trapped in your ducts becomes a feeding ground for mold to grow. The unsightly black sports are usually followed by a stale, wet, or rotten smell that is strong enough to turn even the strongest stomachs. Inspect your vents and drip pans regularly for the first signs of mold. Noticing an unpleasant smell coming from your ducts when your HVAC is on is another way to tell if you have a mold infestation. If it’s a worst-case scenario, you may need duct replacement services.

Vermin Droppings – More than a third of Americans have seen a rodent in their home. These pests are quick to infest any home and leave droppings everywhere. Rodents tend to leave their excrement away from our sight and your ducts could be one of those places. If you notice any droppings in or around your air ducts, it’s crucial that you get your ducts cleaned to avoid any health issues.

Dust Blockage – The most common reason why homeowners request a duct cleaning service is because of dust and debris clogging up your air ducts. The blockage can also reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system causing a rise in your utility bills. You can visually check for dust flying out of your vent while your AC/heater is on. You can also remove your vent and take a picture of the inside of your ducts. If there are clumps of debris in the way, you should consider getting professional duct cleaning services.

Depending on what results you’re expecting, an air duct cleaning could help if you are experiencing any of the above. 5 Star Air should also point out that you should not delay maintenance on any component of your HVAC system. Routine servicing will extend the life of your HVAC and lower costs in the long run.


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