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6 Most Harmful Types of Air Pollutants and Their Remedy

We hear about environmental and city air pollution and their risks to our health every day. A real danger that already causes harm to thousands of people every year. Now, do you know that this danger is not only present outdoors? Our indoor environment is also full of pollutants that sometimes have a harder effect on our health. According to research, 90 percent of people living in the US breathe in contaminated air with extreme levels of pollutants. And unfortunately, since most people do not know about these indoor pollutants, they do not take any preventive measures. They are often surprised by the rapidity and harshness of its effects. To prevent you and your family from being victims of indoor air pollution, we at 5 Star Air decided to tell you about the 6 most harmful types of air pollutants and how to deal with them.


Airborne Particles.

Also known as particulate matter, these are tiny particles such as dust, smoke and dirt. These particles are subdivided into three types; coarse particles, fine particles and ultrafine particles.

Coarse particles are tiny particles with a size ranging from 2.5 microns. A good example of these types of particles is dust or smoke from wildfires. When inhaled, they affect your throat, nose and eyes by causing irritation or more serious health effects.

Fine particles are the next types of particles when sorting by size. They are smaller than coarse particles measuring less than 2.5 microns. These particles are only visible through a microscope. An example of these particles includes dander, bacteria and tiny dust particles such as those produced in construction sites. Because these particles are hard to detect, they are a serious threat to human health. These are the particles responsible for illnesses such as bronchitis, asthma and emphysema.

Finally, Ultrafine particles. They are the tiniest of all airborne particles. They measure less than 0.1 microns and are the most spread types of airborne particles. Their little size also makes them the most dangerous of all airborne particles. They are easily inhalable and can reach your bloodstream, causing serious harm to your body’s organs. 


Pet Dander

Who would have thought that our furry friends could be a threat to our health? How are they a threat? Pets, especially those living indoors, lose tiny flecks of skin, fur and many other elements that speed in our homes and cause health issues when inhaled. Some symptoms of these issues are-

  • Running noses
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Itchy eyes
  • Asthma

Spring and summer are periods of the year when there is an important release of pollen in the environment. People living in homes with gardens, orchards or indoor plants could see their homes saturated with pollen. The effect of pollen on our health is mostly allergies.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is one of the most dangerous types of gas in homes all around the US. Every year it is responsible for about 400 deaths due to its inhalation. Carbon Monoxide in our homes from our furnaces, fireplaces, chimneys, gas heaters and other things. Symptom of monoxide poisoning includes fatigue, headaches, nausea, breathing problems and dizziness. In severe cases, you will notice vomiting, blackouts, mental confusion and muscular problems. Because carbon monoxide is a serious threat to your home, we recommend you install a carbon monoxide detector in each room of your home.


If you have never heard of mold, the first thing you have to know is that mold is a type of fungi. There are more than a hundred thousand mold species, and they can grow anywhere in your home. There are three types of mold in our homes that we should be extremely careful about. They are the allergenic, pathogenic and toxigenic mold species. Mold infestation is often caused by humidity. Therefore if your home has any of these issues;

  • Leaks that go through your walls or roof
  • Standing water, especially in hidden areas
  • Wet furniture and carpets
  • Too much Condensation in The Bathroom and Kitchen,

Be sure to check your home for mold. Mold is an organism that can spread very quickly and can be extremely difficult to remove completely. That is why If you notice mold in your home, contact our air quality service for rapid and effective mold removal services.


Air Pollution is Preventable If You Take The Right Measures.


These issues mentioned above are easy to prevent and fix if you detect them early enough. There are many steps you can take and equipment you can use to significantly reduce the risk of you being affected by the air pollutants listed above. Some of them include;

Using an Air Quality Monitor: 

As its name suggests, an air quality monitor is equipment that helps you measure the air quality of your home. The most modern ones usually come with an app that enables you to track the air quality of your home at all times.

Installing an Air Purifier: 

Air purifiers are the best preventive equipment against volatile pollutants such as dust, dander, bacteria and other airborne particles. They can filter extremely tiny particles and are a real game-changer during the spring and summer seasons, which is the period of the year when airborne particles are extremely present in the atmosphere.

Installation and Replacing Air Filters:

Air filters are effective preventive equipment against pollutants. Almost all duct systems come with them. Some air filters are reusable, which means you can wash them, while others are disposable; they should be thrown away after a certain amount of time. To have the best protection and air quality in your home, we recommend using disposable filters. They are more efficient in removing the tiniest particles. 

Having Air Quality Experts Inspect Your Home For Mold:

To ensure that your home doesn’t have mold, you should have experts inspect your home at least once every year. It is even more important to do so if your home has had some water damage lately, even the slightest such as water leaks.

5 Star Air Helps Protect Your Home From Air Pollutants.

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