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Why is my ductwork so loud and how to quiet it?

Wonder what is causing the popping noise in your home’s duct? Imagine it is a quiet evening and you just came home from work, about to relax on the sofa but as soon as you turn on the furnace, you start hearing strange noises. This is rather an inconvenience. The ductwork system is created to maximize home comfort and heating and cooling efficiency. It is built to perform this tasks completely unnoticed. A sudden noisy ductwork is often a sign of trouble in your vent. If the noise from your ductwork has gotten your attention of late, stay with us as we help you determine the possible cause and the actions to take for your ductwork repair. 

Air duct also known as ductwork is the transport medium for both hot and cold air respectively as it enters and exits the HVAC system. It is a means of distribution of air in the home. The air duct can be so easily forgotten but it shouldn’t be that way, it is a very important part of the HVAC system and should always be properly maintained. 

The popping and banging sounds you are hearing are a result of  the movement of the duct walls when the pressure changes. Hot air makes the duct expand while cold air makes it contract. Metal ducts make different types of sounds; when there is excessive airflow there can be whistling, the pressure difference can cause banging or rumbling.

 Causes of Ductwork noise
  1. Air pressure – pressure buildup as explained above can cause rumbling sounds. When the system comes on the air pushes the walls expanding them, a popping sound can be heard when it starts. As the airflow reduces the pressure reduces as well and the ductwork returns to its original shape.
  2. Dirty air filter – a clogged filter can cause harm to your ductwork. Regular ductwork cleaning is necessary to prevent the accumulation of soot, dust, and dirt restricting airflow within channels. 
  3. Debris in the ductwork – some things that fall into the duct-like toys, nails, screws can make your ductwork loud and noisy. If you cannot get it out yourself, contact 5 Star Air experts –  we will do it for you. 
  4. Closed dampers – closed HVAC system dampers can increase pressure and cause various sounds. If only one damper is closed this may not happen but when multiple dampers are closed it can strain the system. To prevent this make sure they are always open.
  5. Sagging or bent flex ducts – if your ductwork is not installed well, it might sag or bend. Those sags can make it harder for the HVAC system to distribute air thereby making the system noisier. If you are making use of flexible ductwork, be sure that it is installed right and properly.

Possible fix for the problems

There are practical solutions that you can use to stop the unusual sound in your ductwork and make your house quieter.

Solve airflow restriction problems that may cause noisy vents

airflow restriction is a major headache and can lead to noisy ductwork.

Steps to take to solve this issue: 

  • Ensure regular ductwork cleaning.
  • Make sure the supply and return registers are open and are not blocked by furniture rugs, curtains, etc. – Make sure to open the supply and return registers while ensure the furnitures rugs and curtains do not block them.
  • The duct dampers should be open at all times.
  • Lastly, schedule professional ductwork cleaning. 
Solve the problem of high static pressure

When static pressure is too high it means that the duct can’t accommodate the amount of air the system is trying to move through them. When the volume of air is more than required the duct gets noisy. Here are some of the ways to solve this issue

  • Adjust the fan speed – this only works when the fan speed is too high, reducing the speed when the fan is already in the proper setting can lead to a lack of airflow to different rooms. 
  • Add bypass ductwork to help relieve pressure within the system.
  • Add registers and grilles to increase return air hence reducing static pressure.
  • Replace old registers and grilles with newer models that are high velocity. 
  • Install larger ducts – there is a possibility that your ducts are not large enough to accommodate the amount of air the system pushes through them. 

If you have checked and addressed the issues listed above and your ductwork is still noisy, it is time to contact a company that offers reliable and affordable ductwork services to evaluate your system’s performance. An expert will diagnose and determine the issues, offer you solutions and help you fix the problems. If it is not fixable then it’s best to replace the HVAC system.

Upgrade to a variable-speed blower. It usually runs at low speed, circulating air throughout your home consistently. The fan speed varies depending on the cooling or heating load. Lesser air moves through the duct hence the noise level is lower.

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