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8 Signs Your Air Ducts Make You Sick

Many homeowners who overlooked air duct cleaning have to bear in mind the consequences of a dirty environment that include allergies, nasal congestion, lethargy, and several other medical conditions. With the advancement of technology, more and more people have begun to understand the harmful effects of air pollution. Several people pay more attention to make their indoor air safe and fresh through air duct cleaning. Regular duct cleaning will eliminate contaminants and other air pollutants like dusts and allergens in your home cooling and heating system units.

Nowadays, you may have heard the importance of a regular cleaning schedule of your air ducts, vents, and filters. Including air duct maintenance to the books enhance indoor air quality, which definitely provide some helpful benefits. Have you ever considered the negative effects of dirty and contaminated air ducts to your health? Poor air quality may pose more adverse effects on your family than you will ever think. Check out some of the foreign stuff that could be lurking in your ducts and what they do to your health.

Air conditioning expert technicians highly recommend duct cleaning around every five years to unload and eliminate dirts and other debris inside the ducts. If your ducts haven’t been maintained in a while, here are the 8 signs your air ducts make you sick:


 1. It aggravates pre-existing health pulmonary conditions.

People with allergies or asthma can suffer from poor quality of air as the contaminants circulating around the indoor air trigger higher risks and longer attacks, making them ill. Furthermore, several studies have indicated that people suffering from pulmonary health illnesses observed their condition improve when their main living space gets regular air duct cleaning, showing that dirty air ducts can aggravate the conditions of the people with pulmonary health problems.


2. It reduces the cleanliness of your indoor environment.

Cleaning the air duct has been proven to prevent some severe health issues from occurring. The cleaning of air ducts improves the overall health of the people in the residential and commercial buildings. Health research studies have proven that the health of several patients suffering from pulmonary health illnesses got better when air ducts were cleaned regularly.


3. It heightens autoimmune conditions.

Those with autoimmune disorders could be going through bad symptoms due to dirty air intake. We are well aware that dirty air outside can cause several health conditions for those with pre-existing illnesses, so you should be very particular in preserving the quality of air inside your home or office. Ensure that your body is exposed to as few poisonous substances as possible by making sure that your air system isn’t recirculating contaminants, dusts, allergens, or other air pollutants.


4. It is the cause of allergies, colds and coughing. 

Dirty air ducts lower the quality of air in your house, promoting the circulation of allergens and other bacteria in the air. This same bacteria can affect more than just the sinuses, but the whole body and cause the common cold along with all of its symptoms. People with asthma and other allergies are the most likely to become sick; this is especially true with kids and the elderly. This is the main reason why these air ducts should be cleaned especially when expecting newborns who are normally sensitive.


5. It can cause the “sick building syndrome”.

If the air ducts are dirty,  contaminants such as dusts, danders, pollen, and others build up in the ducts. These contaminants pile up for quite some time and when the air ducts are working, these air pollutants are circulated around and spread throughout the building. Inhaling this dirty air may not carry allergies, but in the long run, it can cause more  severe respiratory conditions.


6. It can trigger sinusitis.

The dusts and contaminants in the air ducts spread throughout your living and working spaces with each circulation of your cooling and heating system. So everytime you breathe, some of these contaminants get to your nasal passages. Then they can work their way into your sinuses, causing inflammation which can result in infection. Sinus infections are painful conditions that can have adverse effects if left untreated.


 7. It is inhabited by rodents and insects.

The unwanted rodents and other insects are not only troubles but a serious health hazard. These organisms often carry diseases when they bite and get into your house, and even devour your food.


8. It increases stress level.

 Since poorly maintained air ducts can no longer refine indoor air like they are supposed to, the harmful particles in your house are no longer eliminated, but simply spread. Dirty air ducts can cause stress from repeated cleaning and repair.


All these glaring signs could contribute to health deteriorating from overlooking the need to professionally clean your air ducts and HVAC system from dusts, pollens, danders, molds, fungi, rodents, insects, and smokes. As a result, these prevent some adverse effects on your health.

Benefits of Clean Air Ducts

Regular cleaning of your air vents remove pollutants and contaminants like dusts, molds, fungi, and bacteria in your office or home air conditioning system, and should be regarded as one essential part in a general plan to maintain indoor air quality and help eliminate allergies from the dusts.

Through enhancing air flow and eliminating the sources of these contaminants, chemicals, and moisture, you can keep air duct hazards and reduce the level of your typical airborne pollutants.

In order to keep your family from the health hazards caused by polluted air, check out the following tips for some effective ways to avoid air duct risks and to improve your indoor air quality:

 – Contact an expert technician to inspect and clean your HVAC system. Regular cleaning your air ducts eliminates the contaminants and chemicals that are stuck in your ductwork, reducing air duct dangers.

 – Switch to central air conditioning set on recirculation. When you do this, this will  eliminate much of the pollen and molds from the air around your house.

 – Make use of a vacuum with HEPA filter, or double-bagging.

– Reduce the drapes and carpeting. Instead try hardwood and tile, and roll up shades.

– Remove your shoes outside the door, before getting inside, or rub them off on an outdoor mat.

Regularly cleaning the air ducts is an important part of your home and building maintenance. Once you start observing that your HVAC system is not functioning at  its full capacity, it is highly recommended to have the air ducts inspected and cleaned. If you don’t have any idea with regards to cleaning air ducts, 5 Star Air can do the best job for you.


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