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When Is The Time To Replace Your Air Ducts

     When maintaining the HVAC system, the air ducts are usually the component a home or business owner gives the least priority. It’s important to remember that air ducts are a critical part of your home and office ventilation. With their absence, your HVAC unit wouldn’t be able to take the fresh and clean air from one room to another. 

A broken ductwork does not only make your room or office feel warm, they can reduce the quality of air and inflates energy consumption. By being fully aware of the early signs of duct-related issues, you will be able to protect the health of your family and employees while conserving energy.

Here are a few important signs when is the time to replace your air ducts

Air Ducts Are Too Old

      If your house or office building is more than 10 years old, it  may be one good consideration in installing new air ducts. Majority of the units used in house construction come from low to average cost and quality material. Therefore, deterioration can lead to many complications to your HVAC systems, such as the high consumption of energy, low system efficiency, and general discomfort within your home and office. With the latest models designed to energy efficiency, you may be able to avoid additional expenses through a timely upgrade.


Poor System Airflow

     When you feel the cool air throughout your room or office, but you have observed that your unit doesn’t release air out the way it used to. This may be due some factors  that include issues with the compressor or broken vents. Though you may hire a professional technician to do the repair, it can be quite costly depending on the maturity of your system and the degree of the issue. When your ductwork is defective, old, dirty, or congested in any way, your home or office will have to put up with the consequences such as inflated electric bills and inconvenience. 

 Inconsistent Heating or Cooling Performance

     When some areas in your home or office are too hot, while the others are too cold, then there might be an issue that needs to be fixed with your HVAC ducts. There are a number of factors that can impair your system and make it difficult to chill your home or office. You can always try inspecting your air filter first and replacing it when necessary. A clogged air filter will drop cooling performance. If that doesn’t improve your unit, then it’s high time to call for a licensed technician to diagnose your ductwork.


Debris and Punctures around the Vents

     The presence of scratches and defects can drastically hold back the efficiency of your cooling system. If you can clearly see punctures in your ductwork, contact a professional technician to diagnose the issue. A HVAC technician will identify whether you would be advisable to do repair or opt for a complete duct replacement and get some professional recommendations accordingly. The debris may be the result of the buildup of dusts, fragments, pet hair, or even pests.


Molds and  Odors in the Ducts

     As time passes by, moisture in your home or office air ducts can form molds. This problem can also be a result of poorly installed or insulated ducts. Mold and mildew accumulate as a result of the difference between internal and external temperatures of the HVAC ductwork. When this occurs, your HVAC system works but spreads mold bacteria and bad smells throughout your home or office. From chronic allergies to even potentially severe medical complications, mold in your ductwork can become an item laundry list of problems. If your HVAC system releases a foul odor and worry your ducts may contain molds, seek professional assistance immediately. While duct cleaning can help, a complete replacement is always the best thing to do. 


Noisy System Operation 

     When you start hearing a lot of noise from your heating or cooling system, the ductwork could be truncated. These unpleasant sounds often indicate a serious problem  – such as a belt moving out of place or damaged motor bearings – that could result in a costly repair or need for replacement if not fixed immediately. If you regularly hear whirring sounds or if the HVAC ductwork is wobbling too much when heating or cooling, your house or office, then you need to inspect the ducts. Remember that the ducts are installed with plastic or fiberglass joints. If these joints get busted, you will often hear whirring sounds. Pay attention to this noise before it gets worse.


Improper Duct and Design

     The ductwork systems are primarily designed and connected throughout your home or office to cool every room ideally, all while supporting power consumption and work performance. If your ductwork was not installed properly for one reason or another, replacement is a must. Unfit design or installation is one of leading causes of residential power outages. Despite installing a brand new AC unit that suits your place, poor ductwork reduces optimal efficiency and comfort is almost impossible. Improper duct design can disrupt its proper function even with the right HVAC equipment size.


Dusty Home or Office

     If you notice that there is already way too much dust around,  then this issue might be due to the damaged ductwork. Dusts from outside the ducts penetrate through the cracks and holes. These leaks allow cooled air to get out of the ductwork, and dust and dirt to penetrate. They allow quantities of contaminants and pollutants to spread to your home or office. Dust mites can cause asthma in children and other high risk individuals.


High Energy Consumption

     High electric consumption that translates to your monthly bills could be a reg flag  that there are leaks in your air ducts. Sealants can soften, gaps can expand, and parts can decay in your system over time. Leaks are the very reason your electric bills will start to rise. If you have a strong feeling that our duct leaks, consult a  professional technician to conduct a blower test. If the leak is small enough, you can fix it with sealant. If it goes beyond repair, inquire about a full replacement. Changing your air ducts saves your energy and enables your home or office to function well.



When a technician checks your ductwork, they will run a test to gauge with its airflow, pressure, and insulation. The tests will diagnose if leaks there are and identify whether a new air duct should be installed .

Whether you need to fix or replace the ducts in your HVAC system, it’s important to act on it the soonest possible time!

With long years of experience in HVAC, 5 Star Air technicians are licensed and trusted to identify your problem and offer the best solution available. 

Let us help you save your HVAC system so it can provide you the comfort you need and the quality you deserve.


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