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Do You Hear Noise From Your Air Ducts?

This Might Be a Sign of Bigger Issue

    Air duct noises can cause fear and alarm. When the unpleasant sounds just suddenly start to resonate, your initial idea may be that something is broken with duct and that a costly repair is in the air. Luckily, most duct noises are often not a reason for fear.

    Taking the unknown noises for granted can turn small issues into big expenses, as these sounds could warn anything from needing a basic upgrade to expensive repairs, to worst case replacement of the whole unit. The earlier you can identify the reason for the noise and fix your duct issues, the better.

    Do you hear noise from your air ducts? This might be a sign of a bigger issue. Here are the common noises your air duct could make and what they may indicate:

Banging is typically a definite sign that there’s a broken part of a connecting rod, piston pin or crankshaft, which are within the air conditioning unit compressor. Or may be, your blower is misaligned. A banging sound may be a sign that your system requires a compressor replacement.

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Buzzing sound from the external part of your air conditioner may mean:

  • loose components
  • wastes in either the indoor or outdoor unit
  • slackened or damaged outdoor fan motor 
  • unbalanced fan blades
  • scrapping copper lines from outside to inside 
  • dirty condenser coils
  • defective air filter
  • damaged blower
  • leaked refrigerant causing air conditioning to freeze up

Clanking is another indication of a slackened and imbalanced component. The components within the sealed unit have probably stopped working, and the compressor itself may have become sloppy, possibly needing a replacement. This noise can also mean that the indoor blower or outdoor fan and its blades are misaligned and scraping with other components. These types of problems will only get worse and cause bigger problems, if disregarded.

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Clicking of electrical parts at start-up and turnoff is a part of its job, but persistent or regular clicking is not normal anymore. It could be a warning of a damage control or a broken thermostat. There are several electrical components in your air duct, so it’s essential to watch out for potential electrical problems as soon as possible before you deal with complex issues directly.

Humming noise isn’t usually alarming, but it still indicates that something inside your air duct is broken. Loose components and pipelines can cause shudder and, if overlooked, can result in a more severe repair issue. In some cases, humming sounds direct to electrical issues. If the compressor hums and fails to start up, there may be a problem with its motor, though unsecured wiring could cause this noise, too.

Rattling sounds can indicate that your air conditioner is starting to degenerate, and some of its components are loosening. Another reason could be the wastes and pollutants that have blocked your system. The electrical contractor in the unit can also produce a chattering noise, which can deteriorate other components including the compressor if enabled to work. One possible culprit could be the fan, which clatter when loose. Your initial course of defense is to inspect for any loose screws in the casing of your air conditioning unit, clear up condenser coils and replace your indoor air filter.

Screaming is most probably the reason for a system leak, which not only breaks your air conditioning unit but can also put your family’s health at risk. Screaming might be an indicator of high internal pressure inside your compressor, which is very harmful. When your air conditioner shuts down on its own, don’t be terrified. Think of this as a good sign. A sensor device is doing its work to safeguard you from a possibly dangerous situation.

Squeaking blower and fan sounds may be spread through the HVAC system. External fan motors and internal blower motors squeal loudly when they are deteriorating. The blower wheel and housing will also squeal when they break. For some air conditioning units, this sound is normal when starting up. You should be able to distinguish whether it’s a sound that the unit always produces or if it’s another source.

How to Make Them Quieter

    Air ducts don’t produce much noise on their own. The air passing through them creates noise, and several factors can make air movement approximately audible. Before checking the nuts and bolts of the unit and noise levels, let’s think of some noise reduction basics. When the air passing through your HVAC system creates a lot of noise, the first components you need to check on are: 

Locked Vent Dampers

    One locked damper won’t possibly make a big difference, but locking many dampers all together might make your air duct system unpleasant sounds. Closing supply vents can put excessive stress on your air duct system. It’s best to keep them open with or without noise.

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Collapsed or Bent Flex Ducts

    When a flexible HVAC system isn’t set up properly, it can collapse or bend. These bends can make it difficult for your air duct to pass the air, which can raise static pressure and make noise.

 Dirty Air Filters or Ducts

    As time passes by, the dusts and contaminants get stuck on your air filters and within your ducts, which make it complicated for your system to move air. It can also create a lot of noise in your system. The remedy is to clean or replace your filter periodically and have your air ducts cleaned when they start to block airflow.

When you notice a strange sound that you suspect could indicate a problem with your air conditioning unit, it is highly recommended to turn off your central air conditioning unit as a safeguard until it can be professionally checked. Air conditioning units cost an arm and a leg to repair and replace. While it’s not the best time to have a malfunctioned air conditioning unit, an annual maintenance can avoid future complications. 

Air conditioners do deteriorate causing you with high temperature and repair costs. A home warranty plan is intended to help keep you ready for the unforeseen repairs and even replacements of your home appliances and furnaces such as your air conditioner. Know that you can always rely on 5 Star Air to help bring your home back to cool without hurting your wallet. When you are getting air duct noise trouble, our team can  guide you to the best and quickest fix.

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