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What Tools Are Used For Air Duct Cleaning?

    Your home air ducts are connected to your air conditioner and furnace can they collect and build up dirt, dust, pollen, molds, and even insects and rodents over time. When these air pollutants are not cleared away, some particles can spread around your home with air and cause allergic reactions and respiratory conditions. In order to safeguard your home from these harmful particles it is required to clean the ducts regularly with the right air duct cleaning tools, which professional technicians must have.

The Benefits of Clean Ductwork

    Many homeowners place a great effort on having their HVAC equipment serviced regularly. However, the air duct network is generally neglected until the performance of the whole system fails. A yearly air duct cleaning by professionals provides several benefits such as:

Eliminated Home Odor. Fungi and molds produce unpleasant smells as the contaminants grow and multiply. A regular duct cleaning eliminates the particles these unpleasant odors stick to, and experts can recommend a way to sanitize it, or install a device into the duct system that  does this job regularly.

Improved Air Quality. Debris build up inside the ductwork of your system. The duct cleaning process removes the great majority of the pollutants from the air duct system, so your home remains free of air pollutants and other allergens.

Reduced Power Consumption. If the evaporator coil and heat exchanger become blocked with dust and mold, the thermal energy transfer process gets affected. Your HVAC system must work harder and longer to push air through these obstacles, which leads to higher electric bills.

Lowered Repair Costs. The majority of cooling and heating failures occur due to excessive cycling and poor maintenance. The longer run cycles put the essential moving parts under extreme pressure, which can cause great damage and lead to the breakdown.

Tools for Air Duct Cleaning

    So what tools do professionals use for air duct cleaning? Duct cleaning experts use different tools to work on the air distribution system and essential equipment components that include:

Duct Vacuum

    A vacuum is one of the most essential tools  when cleaning the ducts and shafts. It is used for cleaning out debris and dust within the ventilation system by applying prescribed pressure. 

Seam Hammer

    Air duct technicians typically choose a hammer with straight claws, and lightweight to work on your sheet metal ductwork.

Duct Thermometer

     This tool enables the HVAC technician to read the unit temperature. After measuring results, they can identify whether your air duct needs a refrigerant refill.


Vacuum Pump

    The pipes are typically the moist component. The technician needs vacuum pipes to eliminate the moisture. Air and moist need to be taken out from pipes to create a clean space for leak testing.

Duct Flashlight

    Every technician should have a working flashlight. Air ducts lack light, especially when they are installed in an isolated part of your home. Generally, technicians work in the basement or attic with poor or no lighting at all, which can be a potentially unsafe working area.

Manifold Gauge

    A gauge can help the technicians determine when  the unit is not cooling properly. They can easily diagnose where the leakage emanates.

Caulk Gun

    When there is a hole or a leak, the caulk gun can seal it. It applies caulking compounds which contain highly flexible sealing properties and can seal any holes or leaks.

Video Camera

    A portable video camera enables a technician to demonstrate the quality of the cleaning service. The customer can see the pre-service condition of the ducts and post-cleaning results.  The technician can also check the air ducts thoroughly.

Reciprocating Saw Blades

    The ability of the saw blades to cut through anything makes it a must-have tool for the HVAC technicians. 

Refrigerant Scale

    This tool helps to resolve air duct issues through measuring the weight of your unit as it is added or removed from its compressor. The refrigerant scale provides your technician with the essential information to determine how much refrigerant does the unit require. Such capability helps your technician identify whether the unit has a leak or damage.

Cordless Drill 

    It is a very important HVAC tool due to its power, portability and flexibility. Technicians come equipped with a drill of around 18 volts and never forget a set of bits. They might also consider securing at least two batteries to make sure that the drill can last the entire day without the need to charge.

 Insulated Handle Screwdrivers

    The set should contain different screwdrivers in different sizes to fit different screws and bolts used in HVAC systems. In most situations, heavy-duty screwdrivers can have several uses, including prying apart venting. Technicians use screwdrivers that have insulated handles that help prevent the risk of electrical shock.

Pipe Wrenches and Pliers

    Although wrenches and pliers are common plumbing tools, a set can be useful for many HVAC systems involving natural gas lines and connections to plumbing works. For light connections and efficient wiring, technicians have a set of pliers handy. Using pliers with insulated handles lower the risk of electrical shock.

Tin Snips and Shears

    It is required to have the tools widely used for manipulating sheet metals in your air duct. Make sure that the HVAC technicians equip themselves with all the tin snips and shears. Each type of tin snip allows several different positions and cuts direction for precise works. 

Voltage Tester

    Since duct systems are well connected to electrical circuits, it is critical that the technician is equipped with an electrical tester to check the presence of live wires, to measure voltage and resistance, and promptly  conduct electrical tests on the HVAC system. 

Scaffold Ladder

    When the technicians plan to clean your air ducts, the first thing they will need is a ladder that will allow them to reach the ventilation system. They need to make sure that the ladder is in good working condition and provides solid and safe support.

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